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An old DOS based database tool.


Welcome to the Wertheimer Works Inc. web site. We will keep track of software installations, updates and development.
I do a lot of development in DataEase, a very old but incredibly useful database development tool.
EDI is another large part of my business. I've developed a few EDI translators. One is written using DataEase and is called Spe+EDI , the other uses Oracle PL/SQL. Most of the EDI work that I do is with Department Stores (WalMart, Sears, etc). None of it is in the Healthcare industry (yet), which brings me to:
OSCAR, an Open Source application for Healthcare professionals. This is an amazing tool that runs on any browser, using a set of popular Open Source applications (Linux, Java, Apache, MySQL, Postgres, etc). A lot of the Oscar related content here is aimed at people new to Linux and Java.
You can contact me at (514) 891-3275 or I am located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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