OSCAR Backup, Maintenance and Tweaks


Installation - RAID drives or Server Mirroring?

RAID 1 Howto for Ubuntu 8.04


Backups - I made a few changes to the Indivica backup instructions, since I don't have multiple servers doing rsync.

The backup script writes all backup data to the /usr/local/backups/data folder. Using Samba, this folder can be accessed by an authorized user, and the data copied to a USB Memory key or local drive.

I put the backups into another folder because I did not want the backup files and backup script in the same folder.

The revised /usr/local/backups/backupOSCAR.sh script:

#!/bin/sh -e


/usr/bin/mysqldump --add-drop-table -uroot -pmysqladminpassword oscar_mcmaster >  /usr/local/backups/data/backup-`date +%F`-OSCAR.sql

cd /usr/local/backups/data

tar -cvvf backup-`date +%F`-docs.tar /usr/local/tomcat/webapps/OscarDocument/oscar_mcmaster/document

tar -cvvf backup-`date +%F`-eforms.tar /usr/local/tomcat/webapps/OscarDocument/oscar_mcmaster/eform

tar -cvvf backup-`date +%F`-prop.tar /usr/local/tomcat/oscar_mcmaster.properties


Normally, four (4) files are created every night.

You can use 'sudo tar -tvvf filename.tar' to view the contents of the backup file.

Periodically you should remove the old backups (or write a script to do it).


To restart mysql: /etc/init.d/mysql restart

To restart tomcat: /etc/init.d/tomcat5.5 restart

If you restart mysql, you will probably have to restart tomcat also.

Tweaks - Once you have OSCAR installed, you may want to customize some of the components.

Main login logo

The main login page has a large OSCAR McMaster logo. To change it, you need to alter the following image:

/usr/share/tomcat5.5/webapps/oscar/images/OSCAR-LOGO.gif (for Tomcat 5)

/var/lib/tomcat6/webapps/oscar/images/OSCAR-LOGO.gif (for Tomcat 6)


change the following parameter:


which can be found in:






contains most of the text strings in English. It also has some filenames in the following parameters: