OSCAR... What is it?


OSCAR is Open Source Clinical Application Resource. It was developed at McMaster University and has a web site at http://www.oscarcanada.org/ We are currently working on adding modules for Quebec (RAMQ) billing.
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Useful Oscar related links:
Oscar Canada: http://oscarcanada.org/
Oscar Canada blog: http://oscarcanada.blogspot.com/
Oscar PEI: http://blog.oscarpei.net/


Welcome to the Wertheimer Works Inc. web site. We will keep track of software installations, updates and development.
I do a lot of development in DataEase, a very old but incredibly useful database development tool.
EDI is another large part of my business. I've developed a few EDI translators. One is written using DataEase and is called Spe+EDI http://www.spe-edi.com , the other uses Oracle PL/SQL. Most of the EDI work that I do is with Department Stores (WalMart, Sears, etc). None of it is in the Healthcare industry (yet), which brings me to:
OSCAR, an Open Source application for Healthcare professionals. This is an amazing tool that runs on any browser, using a set of popular Open Source applications (Linux, Java, Apache, MySQL, Postgres, etc). A lot of the Oscar related content here is aimed at people new to Linux and Java.
You can contact me at (514) 891-3275 or earlw@spe-edi.com I am located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Oscar SQL Tips

Here are some tips for using SQL commands.
You can run any SQL command that reads data (Ex. select) by using the Admin, oscarReport, Query By Example option.
You will see a window labelled 'Enter a Query'.  Enter your SQL commands and press Query to execute it.
If the syntax is invalid, nothing will happen.
(Ex. select count(*) from demographic to see how many records are in the demographic table )

Adding Preventions to Oscar


The list of Preventions are contained in two XML files.

Oscar in the News


 With the $1 billion Ontario eHealth controversy, Oscar is in the news...
Slashdot - News article
CBCNews.ca - News story
Global Toronto - Video

Oscar Installation Troubleshooting


Oscar is installed, but isn't running.  Here are some ideas to help troubleshooting.
Before Installation
If you have already installed Ubuntu and Oscar, and having problems, see below.  This paragraph is not going to help ;-(
If you decide to start again from scratch, then the following tips may make your life a bit easier.
Indivica (David Daley) has published an excellent installation guide.  You can find it at http://indivica.com/?page_id=123  Use it.

SPSCommerce Testing for Loblaws


One of my clients must add the 856/ASN document and UCC-128 label to their current EDI setup. Testing has been outsourced to SPSCommerce. I thought it would be interesting to track each step. Just less than 4 weeks to implement... Shouldn't be a problem.
May 5 09:28 Finally receive an email from SPS stating that our testing process has begun. The Compliance Date is 5/29/2009. They also state that some test data has been sent.

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